A Healthy Pima County
Every one. Every where. Every day.
Improving the Health of Our Employees, Their Families and Our Community 
Our company fully supports our community's vision to create the healthiest workforce inthe country and to be the place where employers seek to expand and grow their businesses. To accomplish this, we must first look to improve the health and wellness of our greatest asset - our employees. Thus, as a Pima County employer, we pledge the following: We will promote an environment of partnership and collaboration among the various organizations and employers committed to improving the health of our community. We will create and foster an environment of support, encouragement and recognition for efforts taken by our employees and their dependents toward increasing physical activity and wellness while respecting their personal privacy. We will engage employees from the various diverse populations inhabiting PimaCounty. We will share our best practices and resources with other employers to supporttheir wellness efforts, and be open to resources and tools offered by fellow employers to promote increased physical activity among our employees. We will lead by example, encouraging executive-level participation in and support for our activities. We will strive to have a long-term, positive impact on the overall health and well-being of all Pima County residents - employees, dependents, seniors, youth and neighborhoods - through increased physical activity.