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Patient Resources

Health Literacy http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/healthliteracy.html

  • From Medline Plus
  • Provides a definition for Health Literacy
  • Lists many resources by topic
  • Last updated: September 8, 2010


  • A great resource for the consumer
  • Provides a section about questions that one should ask a doctor 
  • See the  question builder which creates a list of questions to print for a doctor visit
  • Last updated: no date   


  • From  the Medical Library Association
  • A possible source for someone to use to better understand what the doctor is saying 
  • Organizes terms alphabetically and includes an index by letter
  • Last updated: May 23, 2007


Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems Item set for Health Literacy https://www.cahps.ahrq.gov/content/products/HL/PROD_HL_Intro.asp?p=1021&s=215
  • Provides a method that allows a patient to assess health care providers on the
    • ability to provide useful information in the health care setting
    • ability to deal with health literacy
  • Last updated: October 14,2009


  • Intended for both patients and health care professionals
  • Aims to improve communication skills regarding heart health
  • Provides tools for assessing and improving skills
  • Last updated: 2009


  • Offers free materials in a variety of languages and formats (19 languages, 6 formats)
  • Provides information on wide range of health topics (100+ topics)
  • Last updated: 2010