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Youth Tobacco Collaborative

Our Team

Every 60 seconds, one more person in the U.S. dies as a result of a tobacco-related disease. Every day, 3,200 more adolescents take their first puff, and tobacco remains the #1 cause of preventable death and disease.

To combat these statistics, the Pima County Tobacco Use Prevention Coalition was formed. By bringing together stakeholders from various organizations and initiatives both statewide and in Pima County, we want to reduce the disparity caused by tobacco use. We also work with four very active local youth coalitions on our efforts to reduce the harm caused by commercial tobacco products.

We currently have four active workgroups concentrating in four areas of tobacco use reduction and each is working on one or more strategies.


Our Goals

  1. Eliminating second hand smoke exposure
    1. Reduce youth exposure to 2nd hand smoke at parks, playgrounds and schools
    2. Reduce youth exposure to 2nd hand tobacco smoke in multi-unit housing
    3. Increase awareness of the danger so e-cigarettes and their potential threat to the clean air ordinance.
  2. Preventing youth initiation of tobacco use
    1. Institutionalize a K-12 tobacco education curriculum
    2. Pursue CDC recommended allocation of state tobacco tax revenue
    3. Pursue regulating e-cigarettes as a tobacco product
    4. Establish consistent, and regularly disseminated messaging about e-cigs and hookah
  3. Reducing access to tobacco via retailer compliance
    1. Establish a county-wide tobacco retailer license law with fee
  4. Increase access to effective tobacco cessation
    1. Establish stronger partnerships with Federally Qualifies Heath Centers in Pima County to address cessation
    2. Increase education and awareness of the CIGNAL
    3. Provide consistent education for youth on effective quit methods
    4. Explore the potential of using “Youth Hubs” as vehicles for advertisement and promotion of cessation services